Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween in Boston

Wow is all I can say. I have never seen such elaborate decorations or so many people trick-or-treating together. I would estimate that we were trick-or-treating with about 1000-2000 other kids!!! It was an awesome experience!

We first took Marissa and Brynn trick-or-treating in an area of Boston called Beacon Hill. The whole area of Beacon Hill is blocked off by the police so that the kids can trick-or-treat without worrying about cars being in the road.

It was not dark yet when I took the first couple of pictures. All of the houses were decorated really nicely. Being in the area of Beacon Hill gives you that true New England feeling. The roads and sidewalks are cobblestone and all of the homes are original!

I had the girls stop and pose in front of this house. It was really amazing to see whole blocks decorated in this fashion!

This home is said to be the first original house on Beacon Hill - The decorations were unbelievable!

The weather was amazing. We didn't even have to wear coats the whole time we were out collecting candy. The weather was about 60 degrees. The residents sit on their porch and hand out candy. It is nice that you don't have to knock on doors. The houses are so close together the girls got an unbelievable amount of candy in a short amount of time.

I stood up on the porch to be able to get a good shot of the whole block and the amount of kids lining the streets!

After trick-or-treating on Beacon Hill we were able to go collect some more candy at the apartment complex where we live. We were able to sign up if we wanted trick-or-treaters to come and visit us and then they gave us a list of all of the people that signed up.


sunnysavanna said...

looks like tons of fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Boston! I was looking for some pictures of trick or treating in Beacon Hill and saw your blog.

I'm glad you are embracing the city and all it has to offer!