Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Changing of the Leaves

Since this is a holiday weekend, we decided to spend the whole weekend exploring the area. We decided to head out this morning at about 10:00am and go for a drive so that we could see all of the leaves that are changing colors right now. On the tv, they kept saying that these next 2 weeks will give you the optimum chance to see the most colors! We didn't get back home until 9:30pm.

This is the path we took - We went from Massachusetts to New Hampshire, then through a small section of Vermont and back to Massachusetts.

While we drove, we ran across some festivals that we stopped and walked around at. At the first festival, the girls were able to pick apples from an orchard. All the trees were labeled, so we could walk around and pick what kind of apples we wanted.

Here are some pictures that show the colors of the leaves. I have never seen colors like this before - it was truly awe inspiring!!!

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