Thursday, October 9, 2008

Boson Children's Museum

We had a good time at the Boston Children's Museum. It was a really fun place for the girls, and I think the boys enjoyed it as well.

Marissa and Brynn climbed up a 2-story structure and then wanted their picture taken.

Jace and Brynn built a cool thing! You take tubes and hook them together on a magnetic wall and then run golf balls through them.

Jace is standing and pulling a rope hooked to a ring that is in a bubble solution. If you pull slow and steady, you can stand inside a bubble!

Chaz, Jace and Brynn were all running in a circle and pushing the bars and it made wheels above them turn.

Marissa and Brynn rode these bikes to make the lights stay on.

Jace and Brynn sat in seats and then pulled a rope. They had to lift their own weight up to the top to ring a bell.

Chaz and Jace sat on these seats and bounced to make a ball rise up a tube.

Jace, Marissa and Brynn all had fun on the climbing wall.

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