Monday, October 20, 2008

Girls Day Out

Marissa, Brynn and I had a girls day out with one of my new friends Audrey and her daughter Belén. We went out to lunch and then went to this cute little cupcake shop and then shopping at the mall. It was really fun! I hope we do it again soon, I love getting out of the house and chatting with adults! Thanks Audrey!!!

Brynn was carrying the cupcakes and our leftovers from lunch. We were so full from lunch, we had to take our cupcakes home to have after dinner.

Marissa and Brynn had fun pushing Belén in her stroller. These fountains are at the headquarters for the church of scientology, it's an interesting church, but they do have pretty areas to walk through.

Marissa and Brynn stopped to look at the Charles River.

Marissa posses with a couple of the cupcakes that we bought. Marissa picked a pumpkin cupcake, Brynn picked a Boston Cream Cupcake, I also got a Boston Cream Cupcake. I picked a Orange Cranberry Cupcake for David and then I got a Red Velvelt and a Sweet Treat cupcake for all of us to share.

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Jessica said...

It looks like you guys are having so much fun in Boston! I got your message on facebook and I just love your blog! Its fun to see what you are up to these days. Our blog is
We are in Indiana while My husband Dallas goes to Grad school at Purdue. We really like it here and we are tempted to road trip it to see you! I've always wanted to go to Boston. Tell David and the family Hi, Love ya!
~Jessica (Johnson)