Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Have Such Great Friends!

Over the summer, I got together almost every Tuesday with my two friends Eileen and Vesta. We worked on scrapbooking, making cards and various other crafts all through the summer. It is probably the thing that I miss the most being here in Boston! We had a really great summer together!!!

When I got home Thursday afternoon from taking the kids to a Boston shopping area, I had a box waiting for me with the concierge.

I brought it upstairs and opened it and I was so surprised! Vesta and Eileen had made me one of the crafts that they worked on together after I left for Boston.

I absolutely LOVE it...Thanks guys!!!

I have it sitting in the ledge of my living room window right now, but I think I will move it into my bedroom right above my craft table to give me some inspiration while I am here!

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