Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chaz's 17th Birthday

We celebrated Chaz's 17th birthday a little late this year. Chaz went to Washington for his birthday to celebrate with his other family and friends. The boys got back here on Wednesday, but it was "Sponsor Week" at M.I.T. for David, so he had a dinner to go to Wednesday and Thursday night and then Friday was Halloween, so we celebrated on Saturday!

Chaz chose Famous Dave's for his birthday dinner. It was pretty good, but I think the one in Washington State is better. Everything (except traffic) moves at a little bit of a slower pace here. Sometimes it is hard to remember to just slow down and be patient!

Chaz and Jace played their games while we waited to be seated. When we first got to Famous Dave's - we were excited because they weren't busy at all. So it took about 2 minutes for a waitress to come and let us know that they were getting a table ready for us. Then, she came back about 4 minutes later to let us know that it would be about 10 minutes because they were so busy. David and I actually looked at each other and laughed! There were about 10 empty tables and maybe 8 full tables. Around here a family of 6 is huge!!! The waitress said that the servers had to get the table ready and then be ready for us. So we waited the 10 minutes and then were seated. It took our waitress about 5 minutes to get us water and another 10 minutes to come and take our order! Then it took about 30 minutes to get the food! We kept reminding ourselves, that everything moves slower on this side of the country!

All the kids at Famous Dave's BBQ.

Chaz's Gifts:

All of the kids play tennis here a couple of times a week. The rackets that we have are actually real antiques! They were my mom's. She started playing tennis before I was even born!!! So, Chaz got a new racket all his own!

For anyone who knows Chaz, they know how much he loves music. We got him a gift card for 15 music downloads from i-tunes plus $40 cash to purchase a new game he wants. David and I couldn't find the game for sale, so we figured he could either buy it or rent quite a few games with the money.

When we first moved to Boston, Chaz started watching the Stargate DVD's that I got for David for Christmas last year. He really liked them, so he asked for Stargate Atlantis Season 1 to start his own collection with.

Again, for Chaz's love of music we got him a new set of headphones. He goes through a pair every couple of months, so I bought him the same kind that I have. They are the only kind that I like now that I have tried them! They are called Skull Candy.


Suze said...

He's such a handsome kid! And I can't believe he's 17 already! I already wished him Happy Birthday on his Facebook, but I'll say it again here: Happy Birthday Chaz!

Crazy about the restaurant. Made me laugh.

Maria said...

Love that you got him stargate for his birthday. We are huge fans in this house too! I can still remember him in his car seat at school.