Sunday, May 31, 2009

Geese in the Park

I went to the park with a couple of ladies from my church. As we sat and chatted and watched the sun set, a family of geese floated down the river and then picked the spot right next to us to get out of the water and come catch some bugs! What a cute sight!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Amazing Street Performers!

We live in an area of Boston that is relatively close to an open air market. We have gotten to see some pretty cool performances by various street performers.

I have to say that the drummers are always my favorite. I absolutely love to watch them play their "drums". The music that they are able to make is amazing! The sound quality of the video isn't perfect, but it will give you an idea of how cool he was!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

David had today off of work for Memorial Day, so after we had a lazy morning hanging around the house, we decided to head out of the apartment and see what we could find to do in the city!

We live in such a technical world and my children are technical children! I had to take a picture of them as we headed out of the apartment. They all had their ipods!

This is the view about 1 block north of our apartment. I love this bridge! It reminds me of the Cable Bridge in Kennewick.

We kept heading along the boardwalk around the bay. We saw a whole bunch of really cool looking jelly fish, but they wouldn't show up on my camera. When Brynn said there were jelly fish in the water, we all thought she was crazy at first - but they were there!

We got to see a really big Norwegian Frigate the Roald Amundsen.

Then we headed over to The Paul Revere House. It was a really neat to see a house set up from this era. We also got to see a lot of items that Paul Revere created while he was a Silver Smith.

The lunch time munchies hit us and we headed over the The Hard Rock Cafe. We got to learn a lot about Rock and Roll history as well as eat a great lunch!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Fruitful Day at the Farmer's Market

It was a a fruitful day at the Farmer's Market (pun intended!). I have talked about the Farmer's Market in the Hay Market area a couple of time's on here before. We try to go to the market every weekend. The variety and price is amazing!

Here is what we got for just under $15.00.

We got:
4 lbs. of bananas
3 lbs. of baker potatoes
6 granny smith apples
2 lbs. of baby carrots
8 oranges
1 honey dew melon
6 sweet corn
1 container of strawberries
2 containers of raspberries
2 cucumbers
1 basket of cherry tomatoes (was fuller before Brynn started eating them!)
3 lbs. of snap peas

Sometimes we get more creative and get star fruit, papayas and pineapple, but we stuck with the basics this week. I will really miss the Boston Farmer's Market when we move!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Today hit 91 degrees, so the kids and I decided that it was the perfect day to check out one of the beaches near Boston! Revere Beach is located about 4 miles north of Boston. Revere Beach was the first public beach in the US and was founded is 1896.

I love this photo - I think it's pretty cool with the seagull in the background!

The girls spent a lot of time trying to build some sand castles.

The boys even pitched in for awhile.

The boys spent most of their time braving the waves!

Getting some sun~

A perfect day at the beach!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Enjoying Dinner on the Balcony!

The weather has been gorgeous here the last couple of days. I think Spring has finally sprung! It is supposed to hit 90 on Thursday - maybe we are heading straight to summer!

Brynn and Marissa have been eating their meals on the balcony the last couple of days. They love to sit and eat and watch the cars on the road and the boats on the river!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I Have a New Niece - Sarah Lillian Price!

My sister-in-law had a baby yesterday! We are so excited to be able to welcome Sarah Lillian Price into the family!

Both Deborah and Sarah are doing well. Sarah has had a few breathing problems, so she is spending some extra time in with the nurses, but she is doing great now!

Look at all that hair!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Carousel at Boston Commons Park

Today Marissa, Brynn and I went to Boston Commons Park and met up with some friends of mine from church to play at the park and ride the carousel.

We played at the Frog Pond.

After the kids were done playing at the park, we headed over to ride the carousel!

We stopped to take this picture on our way out of the park. Boston was founded in 1630.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Fabulous Celtics Game

I have been very spoiled this week! I have gotten to go see two amazing championship teams in one week!

For everyone who knows that I NEVER wear t-shirts, I have broken my own rule twice now. You just can't attend a game here in Boston without wearing a team t-shirt! I also wore a ball cap to hide my hair that needs coloring!

We decided to go see the Celtics play again last night. They were in the same situation as the Bruins - where they needed to win this game or they were out of the running for the championships.

What an AMAZING game!!! They were 5-12 points behind until about the last 4 minutes on the clock (20 minutes of play time). They pulled ahead and the crowd was on their feet and we never sat down. The sounds was truly defining!!! I took the video on my camera, so it's not perfect - but you can feel the excitement in the air!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Amazing Bruins Game!

This past weekend, I got to go to an amazing Bruins game! The game was really high tempo because if they didn't win, they were out of the running for the Stanley Cup! They rocked the ice!!!

LIGHT THE LAMP!!! We all had Yellow towels and every time the Bruins scored a goal we would shout and wave our yellow towels and Light the Lamp!

There was a lot of good hockey and a few great fights!

Hockey fans are very passionate! There was one call that was made, that was so bad that people started throwing things on the ice. The refs reviewed the tape and reversed the call!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to Me

I had an awesome Mother's Day weekend. I have such a thoughtful husband and children that they really made me feel special! On Saturday, David and I got up early and went downstairs to the Etc. Cafe for a marvelous breakfast. Then we headed back upstairs and woke the girls up. After we all got ready to go, David and the girls dropped me off to get my nails done and to get a pedicure while they went shopping for me.

After I was done getting pampered, David met me at the salon and we headed to one of my favorite places to get lunch - The Paris Crepery! We had crepe wraps for lunch and then headed back to the apartment for a much needed nap!

We spent the evening watching movies and ordered in Chinese food. When we woke up Sunday morning, the girls sang a Mother's Day song to me and then cooked me a fabulous breakfast!

Marissa and Brynn made me the neatest gift! They definitely got my "crafty genes"!

David also got me some awesome new craft stuff. Chaz and Jace are back in WA visiting family right now, but I got to speak with them on the phone. I have such an amazing family!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Women's Conference Weekend

Wow - what a weekend...(it was actually 5 fabulous days!). This last weekend was our annual Women's Conference in Provo, UT. Diana (my mother-in-law) and I go every year and we are always excited when other people are able to join us. This year Dara (my sister-in-law) was also able to come!

We were able to attend lots of classes and we heard some amazing speakers! I am always amazed at the powerful feeling of joining with so many other women all for the purpose of gaining knowledge.

Here is a picture of one of the first classes we attended -

The Silly Side of Women's Conference -
I have to admit that when all of us women get away from our kids and the responsibilities of being a mom for awhile, we get a little silly!

There was no garbage in our room, so I designated this drawer as our garbage drawer. Dara thought it was so gross that I had to take a picture of it!

The last night that we were staying in the dorms, we decided that we wanted to watch a new movie that I had bought, but...we didn't have a tv in our room. So....we high-jacked a TV from the rec-room downstairs and put it in our room. Dara moved her bed in our room and we had a sleep-over!

I rented a car for us to drive while we were running around Provo. I didn't know that we would get such a cute little sports car....emphasis on little! Dara rode in the back and had to be "let out" by someone every time we stopped because there were only 2 doors. One time I decided to tease her and take a picture...she was yelling, let me out!

Dara decided that it would be easier to climb in the trunk of the car instead of through the door.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Brynn!

Today is Brynn's 10th birthday and I just realized that all of my kids are in the "double digits" now! Wow - where did the time go???

Brynn chose to go to Chuck E Cheese for her birthday. We all had a good time and the food was even better than we expected.

Hanging out at Chuck E Cheese -

Playing Games and Winning Tickets!

Chaz and Jace gave all of the tickets that they earned to Brynn for her birthday. She had a blast picking out her prizes!

Brynn and her gifts -

Littlest Pet Shop -

Pink Scrapbook Kit - I got Marissa a blue scrapbook kit so we can all make scrapbooks together!

I made each of the girls a decorated wooden letter. I really like how they turned out!

Brynn loves to play with her Barbies!

Marissa gave Brynn a cross stitch kit, some candy, body spray, and a ceramic horse she painted for her.

Brynn loves webkinz and chapstick!

Brynn loves cute skirt outfits. When I saw this one, I just knew that Brynn needed to have it!

Brynn loves to make cards and crafts, so I got her some of her own supplies to get started!