Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our New Ward

We visited our new ward today! I think we found the smallest ward in the US! Well, not really, but it will be a lot different going to church with 50 people instead of 300! We are in the Boston 2nd ward.

Marissa and Brynn make up the whole Senior primary. They had just called a new teacher for the CTR 6 class, but they moved her to be Marissa and Brynn's teacher. They will combine all of the senior primary kids into one class. They have another girl that will be in their class and another one moving up in January. They have 10 kids in junior primary and 10 kids in nursery.

Chaz and Jace will make up the whole young men's program as well! The bishop was really excited to call a young men's president and teachers for them. The Boston 1st ward has a large youth program, so we are going to have the boys join them for mutual activities, but go to church in our ward. We met some really nice people today and we are excited to be members of our new ward.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Eyes Are Going Black!

Well, Marissa gave us quite a scare this morning. She woke up and seemed to be feeling fine. We had learned that we could get into our new apartment around noon (spent the 1st night in a hotel room because we came in late at night), so we were getting ready and packing all of our bags. I was in the bathroom brushing Marissa's hair, when in a wierd voice she told me, "My eyes are going black". I looked at her in the mirror and saw that she was as white as a ghost. At that same moment, she went limp. I caught her, but then she started shaking and seemed to be having a very mild seizure.

I laid her on the bathroom floor and she came "to" about 30 seconds later. I yelled for David and told him that Marissa was having a seizure. She stopped shaking before I layed her down, so I am not sure if it truly was a seizure, or if her body was just shaking because of fainting. We stood her up a couple of minutes later and she instantly threw up. We got her into bed and called the on-call nurse. She told us that if she didn't feel better soon to take her to the emergency room.

We waited about 1/2 hour and got Marissa back up and I started to do her hair again. Once again, she said that her eyes were going black again and she fainted. She came back "to" instantly though. At that time, David and I decided to take her to the emergency room. We called down to the hotel and asked them to come and get our bags and hold them for us. We quickly headed down stairs. When we got outside and were waiting for a taxi, Marissa instantly perked up, got all her color back and felt better.

We decided to head to the apartment and then decide if we should take her to the hospital (it is 2 blocks from our apartment). Marissa ended up being fine. I think that the steam from the shower, and me having her tip her head back to do her hair, and her locking her knees all contributed to her fainting.

She is fine now, and hasn't had any other relapses!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Week at Fair

Picture of Jace - Fitting and Showing his cavy.We had a great week at fair - it made me realize even more, how much we will miss all of the friends that we have made through our kids 4H club! The kids and their animals all did really well. We did have a fun surprise when one of Marissa's rabbits had 6 babies during the middle of fair! We did not know that when she had gotten out of her cage at the same time as one of Jace's boy bunnies.

Marissa won Reserve Grand Champion in both her rabbit and cavy fitting and showing.

That qualified her to participate in the small animal round robbing where she had to fit and show (show handling and knowledge of an animal) on a rabbit, cavy (guinea pig), chicken and pigeon. She did a great job and won Grand Champion!

The kids all had the opportunity to sell their market rabbits. We had lots of bidders there this year and everyone got a really good price on their market animals.

We are not sure if we will be able to participate in fair next year - but we sure hope so!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Year of My Life in 46 Boxes

The movers just got done packing up all of the stuff that we will need for the next year and put it in a truck on it's way to Boston. We have not moved in the last 10 years so it was weird to see all of the stuff that we will have out our new home packed into 46 boxes. We had to pack a weeks worth of clothes in our suitcases because the truck with all of our stuff could arrive anytime between 8/27-9/4. We are all getting excited to go!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We bought a "New to Us" Car

David and I were out running errands and we had to buy some bunny food at Ranch and Home. They were having a big car sale in their parking lot. We decided to go and look and see what they had to offer. David and I had been worried about our car fitting in the parking spaces in Boston. Even though our Expedition is our smallest car, it isn't that small! We looked at quite a few cars before we decided to test drive the trailblazer. It seats 7 people instead of 8, but it has a larger trunk space than our Expedition. They made us a great deal! We traded in both our Excursion and Expedition and bought the Trailblazer. It is a 2006 with only 30 thousand miles. We only got to have it for 3 days before, the truck came to ship it off to Boston!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our New Address

I finally found out what our new address will be! The new address will be in effect on Friday, August 29th, 2008.

1 Longfellow Place
Apt. 3508
Boston, MA 02114

Today, I finally finished the cards that I will be sending out to let everyone know what our new address is. They turned out prett cute - Look for yours in the mail soon!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun at the Family Reunion

Our family attended the Price Family Reunion at Hood Park from August 8-10. We actually went one day early on the 7th so that we could all enjoy a 3 day weekend! We all had a great time.
We enjoyed many activities:
playing at the playground
treasure hunt
solar cooking demonstration
donut eating contest
and lots of relaxing!!!

It was a lot of fun to have all of David's Parents and siblings and their children in attendance. I really enjoyed getting to see everyone again before we leave for Boston.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Decorating the Girls New Room

I went over to my friends house today and worked on making some decorations for Marissa and Brynn's new room in Boston. I purchased them some new bedding sets this last weekend, so I wanted to start putting together some matching items to make their new room really cute.

I made a really cute "ABC's of Life" picture for them. It is so cute, I wish that it matched my room!

I also, made each of them a magnetic board to hang stuff up on. It is hard to see, but there are green sparkly letters that spell out each of their names in the bottom left corner.

The annual Art in the Park show was 2 weekends ago and I found some really neat pictures for the girls room. They have 2 little girls dressed like fairies in each picture. There is one blond and one brunette girl in each of the pictures which is why I love them!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Getting Ready for Fair

All 4 of my kids participate in 4-H. Chaz raises rabbits and Jace, Marissa and Brynn raise rabbits and cavies (guinea pigs). Throughout the summer they have participated in quite a few clinics where they learn all of the skills that they need for their competitions at fair.

4-H has been a wonderful experience for them in their life. They have gained many new friends and learned how to take care of animals.

They also get to sell their market rabbits at fair. This helps them to earn money to help support the animals that they raise to show.

Our New Digs

David has been traveling back and forth to Boston since the the first week in July. I was able to make a trip over last week to pick out our new housing. Bank of America is providing us with housing while we are in Boston because it is a temporary relocation. The housing is fully furnished including dishes, cookware, and even the ironing board and vacuum! We basically just have to take our clothes and personal items.

We were able to view 3 housing options while I was in Boston on a whirlwind weekend trip. We looked at a nice townhouse in Waltham, MA and we really like it because it had a separate entry and a 1 car garage, but David's commute would have been 30-45 minutes each way every day. We also looked at a place that I call the "glass house". It really was pretty cool, it was a luxury town home that was brand new. It was on the ground level and the living room walls were floor to ceiling windows! It was in a historic area of Boston with lots of foot traffic. We were considering this location because David's commute would have been about 8 minutes, but I still wasn't sure about all that glass!

After I got home, a new apartment became available. It is in the same area as the "glass house", but with a much better view! The apartment is on the 35th floor of a 38 story high rise. It overlooks the Charles River.

We decided that if we were going to make the move to a big city, that we wanted the full big city experience! Below is a link for you to see where we will be living.

There are 14 pictures that show different apartments. Picture #3 shows the building. We will be living on the Charles River. Picture #5 shows the view of the city. Picture #12 shows the lobby of our building. Picture #13 shows the exercise room. Picture #14 shows the approximate view from our balcony.

To see the floor plan - scroll down and click on "Longfellow Luxury Three Bedroom".

To see the virtual tour - scroll down and click on one of the room links.

We are moving in 25 days and we can't wait to go!