Friday, October 10, 2008

Why do teeth wiggle???

Yesterday when we were at the farm going on the hayride, they were handing out apples that were grown at the farm. We all ate one and remarked on how good they were. Not too long afterwards, Marissa said that her tooth hurt her. I looked at it and couldn't see anything wrong, so I told her that we could floss it when we got home because there was probably a piece of apple peel stuck in between her teeth.

Marissa didn't mention her tooth hurting again until right before they were headed to bed (probably a stalling tactic, but she had my attention). Then she said she was really worried about it because it was a permanant tooth and it was wiggly! I looked at it and sure enough, it was really wiggling! I was totally perplexed because she had just gone to the dentist last month, had x-rays, cleaning, sealing and flouride treatment and her teeth were fine at that time. Marissa claimed that she hadn't fallen or hit it and she didn't know why it was wiggling.

So, I had her brush her teeth very carfully and then head to bed and got to work researching dentists in the area. David had sent me a list earlier in the month, so I looked it over and found the closest dentist to our apartment.

I called the dentist and she stated that we could come in on an emergency basis, we would just have to wait until there was an opening.

I spent another 1/2 hour on the computer trying to find out how to take the "T" to the dentists office, but I couldn't find a close "T" stop, so I decided to drive. The traffic was fine, but there was no parking at the dentists office (no big surpise in Boston!) Fortunately, there was a parking garage across the street from the office.

We had a good time waiting in the office. I worked on a baby blanket that I am crocheting, Brynn watched a movie on her dvd player and Marissa played a game on her laptop. After waiting 1 1/2 hours in the dentists office, the dentist came and got Marissa to take some x-rays to see why her permanent tooth was wiggly. After about a 1/2 hour, the nurse came out and got us with a big grin on her face. She had Marissa get in the chair and commended her on being so worried about her teeth to bring it to the attention of her mom.....but this was just a baby tooth - no wonder it was wiggling! She showed us the x-rays and then showed us alll the teeth in her mouth that were still baby teeth so that we wouldn't have to worry when they began to wiggle!!!

The dentist didn't charge me anything, but the parking was $22.00!


sunnysavanna said...

too funny. im glad it was just a baby tooth. it looks like you had so much fun on the hayride. i want to go on one now

Dara said...

HAHAHAHAHA How much is the tooth fairy going to to bring?