Saturday, October 4, 2008

Whale Watching - It was Awesome!!!

I can not even describe how awesome it was to go whale watching today! We were able to see three different kinds of whales multiple times, for a total of 20-30 sightings!

The weather was cool, but not unbearably cold. It was a bright sunny day with no clouds (which I am learning is quite a treat on the East coast!).

It was an incredible way to spend 3 hours this afternoon. We learned a lot about whales that we didn't know before and got to see many of them up close.

I took a picture of everyone before we boarded the boat. You can see the boat in the background.

A view of Boston as we leave the harbor.

Jace and Brynn were watching the city getting smaller behind us. Jace only got to see a few whales because the dramamine that we all took, didn't work as well for him. He never got sick, but he sure didn't feel well!

I was so busy watching the whales that I didn't get a lot of great pictures. Fortunately they have a photographer on board that takes pictures of all of the whales that we saw on our trip and then they mail you the disk in a week. I will post some of their good pictures then!

This is a picture of the whales and a blow spout. We learned that it is not watter they are blowing out. It is compressed air.

This is a great picture of a whale coming to the surface to feed. They swim underneath the fish and blow bubbles to scare them to the surface. Then they swim through the middle of them with their mouth open to eat all the fish!

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