Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy 11th Birthday Marissa!!!

Marissa says that she had the best birthday ever! I took her shopping for some new clothes and a new swimsuit and then we went out to lunch.

We have a tradition that on our kids birthday they get to pick where they want to go out to dinner. After David got home we went out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Then we headed to the theater to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D.

Then we hopped on the subway to head back to our apartment and open gifts.

Marissa had never seen chapsticks quite this big! I am hoping their large size will keep them out of my wash!

Marissa's favorite color is blue, so I couldn't resist getting her this cute blue webkinz hippo.

New t-shirt, sweater and leggings.

I made Marissa an "M" to hang above her bed. I really like how it turned out! Instructions for Tutorial

Brynn got Marissa a package of M&M's, Tic-Tacks and she painted her a porcelain dog.

Scrapbook Kit...In blue of course!

Littlest Pet Shop Horse -

My crafter in the making...Stamp pad cleaner and cleaning solution and a set of 30 inks and 15 brush tip markers.

Chaz got Marissa 4 new books -

Jace made a coupon for each of the girls for a slurpee!

Happy 11th Birthday Marissa!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I know that Easter was a couple of weeks ago, but I am back in Boston and I finally have time to sit down and post these pictures! Each of the kids got a new beach towel, a pool toy, a new movie and various Easter candies.

Washington Trip and Time Out for Women...Long Overdue

This post is long overdue! I hadn't planned on posting anything to my blog while we were back in WA I didn't, but a lot happened while we were there. Here's a quick synopsis.

~We stopped over in the Seattle area to visit Nathaniel and Dara and Dan and Susan. We had a great time and the kids all got to hang out together. Susan, Dara and I all went to Time Out for Women together - it was a blast.

After that we headed to Tri-Cities and David and I decided that we wanted to look at some houses for sale in the same price range as the house that we were planning on building out in Badger Canyon. We contacted our Realtor and drove by about 45 houses and walked through 22 of them. We weren't really planning on finding one that we would fall in love with, but it happened...

Link to New House
It has everything that we want plus more. We are excited at the thought of having a pool and a basketball court plus 2 acres!

At that point we decided we needed to extend our trip for 2 more weeks and get our home on the market. So after lots of painting and some cleaning up - We got our home up for sale as well! If all goes well, our house will sell and we will get to purchase the new house and move straight into it when we move back to WA in July. Link to our Current House Our house is the 2nd one down from the top.

We had a crazy trip and with lots of help from family and friends we were able to get 3 months of work done in 3 weeks!