Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We Made it Back to Boston

Well, we made it back to Boston! We actually had a pretty uneventful trip back. There was a perfect window where the weather was clear in Tri-Cities, Seattle and Boston. We made it out of Boston the day before a huge storm hit and we made it back in the day before another storm hit - talk about luck!

This current storm is pretty mild - only a couple inches of snow with some ice on top this morning, but it has warmed to 37 degrees and is raining now. We could definitely tell that there was a lot of snow here while we were gone! There isn't much left now, but the piles in the Costco parking lot were about 12 feet tall!!!

We landed in Boston at about 7:30am (Eastern Time) yesterday. We then had to get all of our luggage and carry-on's together. I never truly counted the bags, (I didn't want to know how many) but there was a lot! I decided to bring "some" of my scrapbooking stuff to Boston and we had to get all of the Christmas presents home too. I took a picture of all of our bags sitting in our foyer - it was a pretty funny site.

After I packed all of the "large" items ie. Cricut, Cuttlebug, Stamps, Paper and Sticker Embellishments, I still had a lot of "stuff" to pack. I thought it was a funny site, so I snapped a quick picture.

Once we got all of the bags up to our apartment, it was such a crazy site, that I took a picture of that too!

We also had to ship some boxes, because we couldn't get it all in the bags - we really need to learn to travel lighter!!!

There is one picture that I wish I had, that I couldn't get... When we got to the airport, we waited in line for a taxi. With the size of our family and all the stuff, we have to wait until a van comes. The taxi driver did not think that we could get it all in - but we were determined! It costs about $30 for a taxi ride from the airport to our hotel, and since we really didn't want to pay for 2 taxis, we started squishing. We all ended up holding bags on our laps (and not just the small ones) and David had a bag on the floor where his feet should have gone, so his feet were on the dashboard!!! LOL - now that would have been a funny picture!

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Amber and James Johnson said...

LOL I would have loved to see David with his feet on the dash. Reading your taxie story made me think of a clown car.