Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My new Craft Space!

While I was home in WA for Christmas, I decided that I wanted to bring "some" of my scrapbook stuff to Boston. I really miss working on stuff and I have a friend here in Boston who wants to get together and host some scrapbooking/card making days while kids are in school!

So the idea started with taking just a "few" items and having everything be portable. But as I tried to figure out what I could live without - the idea (and amount of stuff) grew! Our master bedroom is very large, so I decided to create a craft space in there.

I started unpacking on Saturday and then headed to A.C. Moore to look for more organizing ideas. I found this great idea that basically uses those wire cubes that you can build yourself. It was a whole kit to create an organization system. The only problem was the price! It was $156.00!!! I decided that I could build it myself by buying those cube kits and putting it together!

Because of the snow on Sunday, our church was cancelled, so I spent most of the day organizing and setting stuff up. So for only $35.00 - here is what I created.

- On the right: I bought a bookshelf for all of my stamps. For now my stamp pads are sitting on top of it - but I want to get a different holder for them.
- I also bought a bulletin board and hung up all of my clear stamp sets so that I remember to use them.
- I built 3 cubes on the right side where I put all of my tools and 2 cubes on the left for all of my accessories.
- In the middle space, I hung up some accessories.
- I re-purposed the drawers on the bottom - left to hold my glue, cutting tools and ribbon
- I only brought 8 sheets of each of my Stampin' Up card stock - I put them in the expandable file folders on the bottom - right cube.
- I only brought some of my accessories, stickers, die cuts etc. I found these great boxes on the bottom right with expandable files inside to keep them all portable and organized.

The view from the other side of my bedroom:

I was also able to create a sewing space. I had extra supplies to make more cubes, so I created a storage space for some sewing items as well. I hung up a baby quilt that my mom made for Marissa!

I also re-arranged some items in my closet so now it only has to hold my yarn and cross-stitching supplies!

Since I am showing all of the great organizing that I have done in my bedroom - Here is what I did with my purses, covers for my Miche Bag and scarves.


paula peralta said...

um hello freakishly organized lady! if you saw a picture of my room, you would drop dead from heart failure. no joke. your craft space is amazing!

Amber and James Johnson said...

So Cute!! I love it.

mamichelle said...

Welcome to Boston! I can't believe what a great space you've created for such a small amount of money. Love what you did!

Christina Lyon Maughan said...

Will you come organize my house?!?! I am so impressed.

Maria said...

Two words.... SO JEALOUS!!!

Deena said...

Thanks for all of the great comments! I had a blast creating it. I have actually updated and changed some of it already. As I have made a few cards and some scrapbooking projects, I have tweaked things around a bit. I love organization - it makes me feel like everything is right with the world!