Sunday, September 7, 2008

We Survived Hannah

They predicted lots of rain and wind in Boston due to Tropical Storm "Hannah" last night, but we escaped pretty unscathed.

This is the normal view out of our bedroom window at night - they had fireworks going off on the harbor.

This was the view last night from our deck - you can hardly see the city lights because it was raining so heavily. We are so high up, that we were actually in the clouds that were raining!

We had to bring in all of the items on our deck, but we only ended up with 2 inches of rain and not much wind. I think it is funny that in Boston, it is "only" 2 inches of rain. If we got 2 inches of rain in Richland in one day, the whole place would be flooded! New Hampshire got about 6 inches of rain and a lot of Manchester was flooded out - even the police department! But today is a beautiful day again!

We were invited to a dessert social tonight. It will be fun to meet more of the ward members - now I am off to make a Raspberry Crumble!

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