Saturday, August 16, 2008

We bought a "New to Us" Car

David and I were out running errands and we had to buy some bunny food at Ranch and Home. They were having a big car sale in their parking lot. We decided to go and look and see what they had to offer. David and I had been worried about our car fitting in the parking spaces in Boston. Even though our Expedition is our smallest car, it isn't that small! We looked at quite a few cars before we decided to test drive the trailblazer. It seats 7 people instead of 8, but it has a larger trunk space than our Expedition. They made us a great deal! We traded in both our Excursion and Expedition and bought the Trailblazer. It is a 2006 with only 30 thousand miles. We only got to have it for 3 days before, the truck came to ship it off to Boston!

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