Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Eyes Are Going Black!

Well, Marissa gave us quite a scare this morning. She woke up and seemed to be feeling fine. We had learned that we could get into our new apartment around noon (spent the 1st night in a hotel room because we came in late at night), so we were getting ready and packing all of our bags. I was in the bathroom brushing Marissa's hair, when in a wierd voice she told me, "My eyes are going black". I looked at her in the mirror and saw that she was as white as a ghost. At that same moment, she went limp. I caught her, but then she started shaking and seemed to be having a very mild seizure.

I laid her on the bathroom floor and she came "to" about 30 seconds later. I yelled for David and told him that Marissa was having a seizure. She stopped shaking before I layed her down, so I am not sure if it truly was a seizure, or if her body was just shaking because of fainting. We stood her up a couple of minutes later and she instantly threw up. We got her into bed and called the on-call nurse. She told us that if she didn't feel better soon to take her to the emergency room.

We waited about 1/2 hour and got Marissa back up and I started to do her hair again. Once again, she said that her eyes were going black again and she fainted. She came back "to" instantly though. At that time, David and I decided to take her to the emergency room. We called down to the hotel and asked them to come and get our bags and hold them for us. We quickly headed down stairs. When we got outside and were waiting for a taxi, Marissa instantly perked up, got all her color back and felt better.

We decided to head to the apartment and then decide if we should take her to the hospital (it is 2 blocks from our apartment). Marissa ended up being fine. I think that the steam from the shower, and me having her tip her head back to do her hair, and her locking her knees all contributed to her fainting.

She is fine now, and hasn't had any other relapses!


Suze said...

OMIGOSH! David didn't even say anything about that when he called the other day. Crazy. I hope she's still okay.

Deena said...

Yes, she is fine now - she just got overheated and locked her knees :(