Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Decorating the Girls New Room

I went over to my friends house today and worked on making some decorations for Marissa and Brynn's new room in Boston. I purchased them some new bedding sets this last weekend, so I wanted to start putting together some matching items to make their new room really cute.

I made a really cute "ABC's of Life" picture for them. It is so cute, I wish that it matched my room!

I also, made each of them a magnetic board to hang stuff up on. It is hard to see, but there are green sparkly letters that spell out each of their names in the bottom left corner.

The annual Art in the Park show was 2 weekends ago and I found some really neat pictures for the girls room. They have 2 little girls dressed like fairies in each picture. There is one blond and one brunette girl in each of the pictures which is why I love them!

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Anonymous said...

too cute!!!