Monday, August 4, 2008

Our New Digs

David has been traveling back and forth to Boston since the the first week in July. I was able to make a trip over last week to pick out our new housing. Bank of America is providing us with housing while we are in Boston because it is a temporary relocation. The housing is fully furnished including dishes, cookware, and even the ironing board and vacuum! We basically just have to take our clothes and personal items.

We were able to view 3 housing options while I was in Boston on a whirlwind weekend trip. We looked at a nice townhouse in Waltham, MA and we really like it because it had a separate entry and a 1 car garage, but David's commute would have been 30-45 minutes each way every day. We also looked at a place that I call the "glass house". It really was pretty cool, it was a luxury town home that was brand new. It was on the ground level and the living room walls were floor to ceiling windows! It was in a historic area of Boston with lots of foot traffic. We were considering this location because David's commute would have been about 8 minutes, but I still wasn't sure about all that glass!

After I got home, a new apartment became available. It is in the same area as the "glass house", but with a much better view! The apartment is on the 35th floor of a 38 story high rise. It overlooks the Charles River.

We decided that if we were going to make the move to a big city, that we wanted the full big city experience! Below is a link for you to see where we will be living.

There are 14 pictures that show different apartments. Picture #3 shows the building. We will be living on the Charles River. Picture #5 shows the view of the city. Picture #12 shows the lobby of our building. Picture #13 shows the exercise room. Picture #14 shows the approximate view from our balcony.

To see the floor plan - scroll down and click on "Longfellow Luxury Three Bedroom".

To see the virtual tour - scroll down and click on one of the room links.

We are moving in 25 days and we can't wait to go!

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