Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our New Ward

We visited our new ward today! I think we found the smallest ward in the US! Well, not really, but it will be a lot different going to church with 50 people instead of 300! We are in the Boston 2nd ward.

Marissa and Brynn make up the whole Senior primary. They had just called a new teacher for the CTR 6 class, but they moved her to be Marissa and Brynn's teacher. They will combine all of the senior primary kids into one class. They have another girl that will be in their class and another one moving up in January. They have 10 kids in junior primary and 10 kids in nursery.

Chaz and Jace will make up the whole young men's program as well! The bishop was really excited to call a young men's president and teachers for them. The Boston 1st ward has a large youth program, so we are going to have the boys join them for mutual activities, but go to church in our ward. We met some really nice people today and we are excited to be members of our new ward.


Suze said...

Wow! What a difference from being in a place where the church is so big, eh? I think this will be good for all of you. Especially for the kids. They won't take it for granted.

Deena said...

Yeah, our ward is great. We have met some really fun people! The kids will have to go to the Boston 1st ward for all of their activities like mutual and activity days...but that will be fun too!