Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Colonial Cooking Adventure

Every once in a while we participate in different activities with some of the local homeschooling groups. Today the girls and I went to Concord, MA to the Concord Museum and participated in a Colonial Cooking class. It was a blast!

We got to sit around an open fire while our teacher talked about life in colonial times and specifically about how they used to cook their meals. The room is set up as a colonial home with a real colonial style kitchen!

Our teacher then divided the kids into groups of 4 and we all got to make different parts of our snack. All of the food that we cooked was traditional food from the colonial era. We even got to use real recipees dating from that era. Spelling had not been standardized yet, so it was funny to read how they spelled a lot of the words! Most of the food that we cooked, would have been snack food, not every day food. Marissa and Brynn were in the group that made rose water wafers and home-made butter. The other groups made apple sauce, apple cider, and ginger bread.

While our food was cooking over the fire, we got to learn about herbs that the colonialists grew and how they made satchels. Then the girls got to make their own lavender satchels.

When the food was all done cooking, we all got to sit down and try some of the food we had made. It was all delicious! We got the recipe for the rose water wafers and we also plan to make some of our own butter and applesauce. This was such a fun day!!!


Leslie said...

What an experience. I would have enjoyed something like that. Thanks for sharing.

Maria said...

That's really cool. Do they just do homeschooling groups or can tourist come in and do a class? That would be so much fun!