Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Children's Museum

I took all of the kids to the Boston Children's Museum yesterday. We had a good time. All of the kids played chess on the large board. Two of the pieces were missing, so Chaz and Jace played the game and Marissa and Brynn "stood in" for the 2 missing pieces.

When the boys were done with the pieces, they put them on the shelves, so when Marissa was captured, she sat on the shelf with the pieces!

When we were done playing chess, the boys left the museum to wander around the water district of Boston. The girls and I stayed for a couple more hours.

There is one whole room at the museum that has a couple of "water play" activities. The girls like playing the water. The smocks did not keep them totally dry!

There is a whole room dedicated to Japan and their culture. The girls were able to dress up in Kimons and pretend to be in a play.


Brynn Price said...

it was really fun

Suze said...

That's SO cute! Especially the girls in their Kimonos and Marissa being a chess piece on the shelf.