Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

David had today off of work for Memorial Day, so after we had a lazy morning hanging around the house, we decided to head out of the apartment and see what we could find to do in the city!

We live in such a technical world and my children are technical children! I had to take a picture of them as we headed out of the apartment. They all had their ipods!

This is the view about 1 block north of our apartment. I love this bridge! It reminds me of the Cable Bridge in Kennewick.

We kept heading along the boardwalk around the bay. We saw a whole bunch of really cool looking jelly fish, but they wouldn't show up on my camera. When Brynn said there were jelly fish in the water, we all thought she was crazy at first - but they were there!

We got to see a really big Norwegian Frigate the Roald Amundsen.

Then we headed over to The Paul Revere House. It was a really neat to see a house set up from this era. We also got to see a lot of items that Paul Revere created while he was a Silver Smith.

The lunch time munchies hit us and we headed over the The Hard Rock Cafe. We got to learn a lot about Rock and Roll history as well as eat a great lunch!

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