Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Fabulous Celtics Game

I have been very spoiled this week! I have gotten to go see two amazing championship teams in one week!

For everyone who knows that I NEVER wear t-shirts, I have broken my own rule twice now. You just can't attend a game here in Boston without wearing a team t-shirt! I also wore a ball cap to hide my hair that needs coloring!

We decided to go see the Celtics play again last night. They were in the same situation as the Bruins - where they needed to win this game or they were out of the running for the championships.

What an AMAZING game!!! They were 5-12 points behind until about the last 4 minutes on the clock (20 minutes of play time). They pulled ahead and the crowd was on their feet and we never sat down. The sounds was truly defining!!! I took the video on my camera, so it's not perfect - but you can feel the excitement in the air!!!

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