Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Fruitful Day at the Farmer's Market

It was a a fruitful day at the Farmer's Market (pun intended!). I have talked about the Farmer's Market in the Hay Market area a couple of time's on here before. We try to go to the market every weekend. The variety and price is amazing!

Here is what we got for just under $15.00.

We got:
4 lbs. of bananas
3 lbs. of baker potatoes
6 granny smith apples
2 lbs. of baby carrots
8 oranges
1 honey dew melon
6 sweet corn
1 container of strawberries
2 containers of raspberries
2 cucumbers
1 basket of cherry tomatoes (was fuller before Brynn started eating them!)
3 lbs. of snap peas

Sometimes we get more creative and get star fruit, papayas and pineapple, but we stuck with the basics this week. I will really miss the Boston Farmer's Market when we move!


Jen said...


Leslie said...

I miss the ones in Cali since we have been back, looks like you got some great stuff.

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Amber and James Johnson said...

That is amazing! Great deal.