Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Parents Trip to Boston - Day #4

I am slowly getting all of these pictures posted! My next goal is to make a DVD for my parents with all of the pictures. If you have used a program that you like to do this with, send me a note and let me know about it!

After spending a whole day in NYC, plus 9 hours traveling to and from there, you would think that we would take it easy on my parent's 4th day in Boston, but you would be wrong!!!

I didn't take any pictures of our morning activities, but Marissa, David and my Dad all headed to the farmers market and got some salmon, asparagus and baby potatoes to make for dinner. Brynn my mom and I all took the long drive to the Super Joanns that is 35 miles from my house. It is such a fun, huge store!

We all reconvened together later in the afternoon to go on a Duck Boat tour. Duck Boats are amphibian vehicles that can go 50 miles an hour on land and 6 miles and hour in water. What a fun way to see Boston!

We bought duck whistles so we could quack while we were on the duck boat!

We got to see a lot of great Boston sights and architecture.

Then we splashed into the water!

Marissa and Brynn each got a chance to drive the Duck Boat.

After another fun tour around Boston we headed home and David and my Dad cooked us dinner - it was delicious!

Every evening the kids played a card game called 3 Up with Grandma and Grandpa.

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