Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Critter Hunting!

My girls love critters of all shapes and sizes! In the last couple of years we have had, 60 rabbits, 16 chickens, 10 cavies (guinea pigs), 3 dogs, 2 hamsters and 1 very large and loud bird! We had paired down quite a few of our animals and before we moved to Boston we had to give away all of our rabbits and cavies. But my girls love for animals of all kind have never wavered!

So, when we went camping last weekend, the girls went on the hunt for some animals that they could call their pets for the weekend.

Marissa and Brynn's friend Laura went hunting with them.

The first catch of many~


Jen said...

Fun! I spent quite a bit of my childhood catching frogs...

Leslie said...

Kendall and Peyton love critters too.