Monday, March 2, 2009

NYC with the Boys

We flew Trent; one of the boy's friends, in from WA to come and spend 5 days and hang out with us. Yesterday, we took all of the boys to New York City to spend the day. We had a blast!

We started out by taking the Chinese bus, called the Fung Wah bus from China Town in Boston to China Town in New York.

We rode the subway all over town. The NY subway is WAY more complicated than the Boston subway, but we figured it out - for the most part!

One of the first things we did was to head out to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty.

When we got off of the ferry, we found this sculpture. This piece of art was located by the Twin Towers, but it was damaged when the towers fell. When the workers were cleaning up the wreckage, they found it again and placed it in the park as a memorial.

We then headed to Time's Square!

We then headed to Rockefeller Center to see the view from the "Top of the Rock"!

After eating dinner and wandering all over New York, we headed back to China Town to catch our bus. When we got on the subway it wasn't snowing, but buy the time we got off in China Town, the snow was coming down! This was definitely a sign of things to come... like our bus breaking down, catching on fire (very small brake fire), us standing on the highway in a snowstorm and getting home 2 hours later than scheduled because we had to wait for a replacement bus! Always an Adventure!!!

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